Politicians often overlook Asian American voters. They shouldn’t, especially in 2020.

Every analyst, strategist, reporter and armchair pundit has a preferred group Democrats should woo to win the White House in 2020: blue-collar white Democrats who voted for Trump, the women who fueled the suburban revolt of 2018, the black voters whose high turnout rates helped President Barack Obama win the presidency twice, or the long-awaited […]

David Chang Wants To Get Rid Of The ‘Ethnic’ Food Aisle At Grocery Stores

David Chang, award-winning chef, TV host, burgeoning media mogul and creator of the world-renowned culinary brand Momofuku, wants to do away with the ethnic food aisle that exists in many U.S. grocery stores. “I just saw this as sort of a misunderstood and unintentional bias, but it’s still a vestige of some antiquated thinking. I think it should […]