4 Things Asian Americans Can Do To Fight Back Against Racism

While most Americans are staying home, trying to navigate virtual work and worrying about paying bills, Asian Americans are doing all of that while also fearing for our safety.

As many Asians are under attack, there hasn’t been much coverage from non-Asian networks about this issue. In conversations with non-Asian Americans most were surprised to hear about this surge in hate crimes. Even those who watch the news shared they hadn’t heard anything about this.

The longer we must distance ourselves socially, the more likely individuals will need to go outside for a walk or to the store. Asian Americans should be able to do this without the fear of being bullied, harassed or assaulted. But, to do that, we need active allies.Here are five things you can do to help.

  1. Choose your words carefully when explaining COVID-19
  2. Be careful with your memes and jokes
  3. Demand your elected officials, school leaders, and business leaders denounce racism against Asians and Asian Americans.
  4. Check in on your Asian friends and loved ones

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