Andrew Kung’s New Book Flips what the ‘All-American’ Male Is

Andrew Kung, Asian American,

“When you think about an ‘All-American,’ you think about a prototypical white man who is an attractive, built, outspoken, confident man who plays sports and is admired by all women – the model American citizen representing what ‘success’ looks like,” Kung tells Dazed. 

“Asian-American men, on the other hand, have always been classified as ‘other’ – desexualized, emasculated, perceived as passive or weak, and most of all, invisible. No matter how hard we try to fit in, we are never ‘American’ enough — reinforced with questions and statements from everyday people like ‘Where are you really from?’ ‘Your English is actually really good,’ and, “You’re really good looking for an Asian guy.’”

Read the full interview at the link below.

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