Asian American Brands Making Clothes and Accessories to Fit Asian Americans

America has a vast population of cultures that each have their own unique physical characteristics. In fashion, there is truly no one size fits all solution.

Here are a few Asian American founded companies that created their own solution to the fitment problem that many Asian Americans face.

Nimble Made

Most Americans can walk into J.Crew, Banana Republic or Brooks Brothers, find a shirt off the rack that fits and not think twice.

Co-founder Wesley Kang couldn’t find a slim-fit shirt that fit his slim Taiwanese American body properly. When he did, they were expensive and the more affordable fast fashion brands were of poor quality.

The experience was so frustrating that Kang left his corporate finance job and co-founded Nimble Made, an affordable, actually slim dress shirt clothing brand.

Using his shopping experiences as an Asian American, Kang created a shirt that fits frames of similar size. Nimble Made aims to create more dialogue for representation and inclusion by redefining sizing standards in fashion and change the clothing landscape to include men of all body types.

Covry Sunwear

If you’re Asian American and have ever shopped for eyewear, you’ve probably had trouble finding glasses that fit properly. Frames either sit on your cheeks, slide down your nose or rise up when you smile.

Covry saw the need for eyewear that adapted to Asian American facial features and created their Elevated Fit. They spent two years redesigning and perfecting the fit which includes longer nose pads, a less rounded frame design and a narrower nose bridge for a better fit. Combined, these design features elevate the frame to sit higher on your face and away from your cheeks.


Inspired from small boobs, big dreams, Pepper is unlike typical bra companies that design for the “Standard” American size.

After searching, buying and returning bras that didn’t fit properly only to find that there isn’t an affordable, flattering and comfortable bra made for AA, A and B cup sizes.

Say goodbye to bra gaps and crazy padding. Pepper’s ‘All-You’ bra cups, lifts and celebrates your body.

Do you know of any other brands making products for Asian Americans? Let us know!

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