Asian American Chefs Provide Cooking Inspiration While Quarantined

Looking for cooking inspiration during the stay at home order? Look no further than Instagram. Chefs across the country are posting recipes and tutorials on social media. Expanding on LA Times Food’s list, here are a few Asian American chefs to follow for some cooking inspiration.

David Chang @davidchang

If you’ve finished his Ugly Delicious series on Netflix, head to Chang’s Instagram for some cooking tutorials. From kimchi stew to microwave chicken thighs, Chef Chang has you covered.

Roy Choi @chefroychoi

If you’re in LA, Choi’s Kogi Trucks are still feeding the streets. If you can’t get to the truck, you can still catch Choi’s Broken Bread on Hulu or if you’re feeling inspired, try his Lemon Piccata Pasta Frittata recipe.

Padma Lakshimi @padmalakshimi

The Top Chef host and cookbook author has been keeping busy by posting South Asian cooking videos online and as complements to recipes from some of her cook books.

Mei Lin @meilin21

Top Chef winner and The Nightshade chef started the scallion pancake trend on Instagram. She has posted how-to-videos for Japanese cheesecake and pork and chive dumplings in her stories.

If you need any more convincing, she made a cheddar and chive biscuit spam sandwich, so catch her stories while you can!

Chris Oh @chefchrisoh

Our friend Chris Oh has been busy while quarantined at home. Not only did he start the KBBQ at home kit, The Korean BBQ Kit, he has been posting at least one video a day in his IG stories. Some of his recent stories have included dumplings, omurice and dalgona coffee.

Jet Tila @jettila

Looking for a good Pad Thai recipe? Chef Jet Tila has been providing easy to follow directions and reciepies for naan, fried rice, Thai BBQ chicken and more in some well produced videos for social media.

On Saturday 5/2, Chef Tila, along with Bobby Flay, Valerie Burtinelli and others will be cooking live from home on Food Network Kitchen for #WeCookTogether. Chef Tila will be making Wonton Noodle Soup live on Instagram starting at 8pm/7pm CT.

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