Asian Americans make up a big part of the Nevada electorate — enough to sway the caucuses

Asian American Voter image credit Center for American progress

The increasing number of AAPI voters in the state has required campaigns to dial up outreach that’s historically been lacking, particularly as candidates seek new sources of support during a competitive primary. Because of this dynamic, experts say candidates’ engagement of AAPI voters has improved significantly this cycle, though there’s still plenty of room for growth.

Filipino Americans make up the majority of Nevada’s AAPI community, which is extremely diverse: 50 percent are Filipino American, 16 percent are Chinese American, 8.5 percent are Japanese American, 6.5 percent are Vietnamese American, 5 percent are Korean American, and 4 percent are Indian American. The majority of AAPI voters — 67 percent — live in Clark County, which contains Las Vegas and is located in the southern part of the state.

Nationally, Asian Americans represent a growing and increasingly important constituency for Democrats. Asian American voters have increasingly moved to the left during recent election cycles, and the same dynamic has been observed in Nevada, where 66 percent of AAPI voters supported the Democratic Senate candidate in 2016.

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