Asian Americans use social media to drown out bigotry

Asian Americans are using social media to organize and fight back against racially motivated attacks during the pandemic, which the FBI predicts will increase as infections grow. A string of racist run-ins in the last two weeks has given rise to hashtags — #WashTheHate, #RacismIsAVirus, #IAmNotCOVID19 — and online forums to report incidents. Critics say President Donald Trump made things worse by calling COVID-19 the “Chinese virus.”

For a group with a history of being scapegoated — from Japanese Americans detained during World War II to a Chinese American man killed by autoworkers angry about Japanese competition in the ’80s — there’s urgency to drown out both bigotry and apathy.

To that end, the California-based groups Chinese for Affirmative Action and the Asian Pacific Planning and Policy Council set up a hate reporting center last month. New York’s attorney general also launched a hotline.

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