Chad Hugo reveals that he and Pharrell have returned to the studio for new music in 2020

Chad Hugo and producing partner Pharrell Williams, better known as The Neptunes, spent the early 2000’s crafting countless multi-platinum spaced out hits for everyone from Justin Timberlake to Jay-Z.

The Neptunes to spend most of the 2010’s working on his own personal projects, but now the duo are back together full time as they plan to take over the airwaves once again. Of course, the world already knows Pharrell Williams, he needs no introduction – but what about Chad?

Pharrell described Chad Hugo to us: “He’s himself. He’s a Savant. Being around him only makes everyone else better. He radiates genius. He’s been that way since I met him in beginning band at 12 years old”.

We spoke to Chad to dig deeper into one half of the most prolific production duo of all time, and he gave us the rundown on his past, present and future… Read more below.

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