Chef Alvin Cailan On Comfort Food, His Heritage And His New Book, ‘Amboy’

Chef Alvin Cailan is the founder of the massively popular Eggslut restaurants. And for him, the best comfort food came from the kitchen of his childhood home in Pico Rivera, Calif. The smell of savory beef stew, the communal preparation of lumpia, egg rolls or making lugaw, a rice porridge he calls a hug in a bowl – all of this connects him to his family’s roots. Cailan is sharing his experience in a new cookbook titled “Amboy,” short for American boy. It’s a nickname his grandmother in the Philippines gave him.

” I’m Filipino, but I’m not Filipino enough to most Filipinos. And I’m American, but I’m not American enough because of being Filipino. So I am amboy” – Cailan

NPR’s Debbie Elliot speaks with Eggslut restaurant franchise founder Alvin Cailan about his new cookbook-cum-memoir Amboy, which features his favorite Filipino comfort food.

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