David Chang Wants To Get Rid Of The ‘Ethnic’ Food Aisle At Grocery Stores

David Chang, award-winning chef, TV host, burgeoning media mogul and creator of the world-renowned culinary brand Momofuku, wants to do away with the ethnic food aisle that exists in many U.S. grocery stores.

“I just saw this as sort of a misunderstood and unintentional bias, but it’s still a vestige of some antiquated thinking. I think it should go,” the chef said in an interview with HuffPost on Wednesday at an American Express Gold Card and Boxed event. At some grocery stores, the section is also sometimes referred to as an “international” aisle.

“It’s a topic that bothers a lot of people,” he said, adding that all products not traditionally associated with white America shouldn’t be “categorized all in one.” Instead, those items should just “be with everything else.”

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