Donald Trump’s ‘Chinese Virus’ Coronavirus Tweet Has Me Scared For My Family

“The president’s dog whistle is unconscionable and could inspire unthinkable actions and dangerous consequences for families like mine.”

Since COVID-19 started spreading, racist attacks towards Asians have increased globally. Recently, an Asian American man was confronted and almost attacked for coughing at a Bay Area Target.

Trump’s constant usage of “China Virus” instead of COVID-19, the World Health Organization’s official name for it, adds fuel to the racist’s fire and has Asians around the world concerned for their safety.

“When she coughed, I could feel the eyes upon us immediately. The furtive glances pushed me upright in my seat, ready to defend her if I had to. I was sitting right beside her, but even with her coloring in my features, my Irish father’s genes made me separate. And in that moment, being white-passing felt like letting her down when she needed me most.

My mom knew she wasn’t a threat — having not traveled since before the onset of the outbreak and knowing her intermittent cough is a side-effect of the blood pressure medication she takes — but for many people in that room she was. Because of her cough, but also because of her ethnicity.”

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