Eat the Streets with Chef Chris Oh: Korea vs. Japan with Sushi Chef Yoya Takahashi

Eat the Streets with Chef Chris Oh is back! In this quarantine edition episode, we take things into the kitchen where Chris battles sushi chef Yoya Takahashi of Hamasaku to a Korea vs. Japan cook-off! 

Round 1: Sushi

With over 20 years of experience, Chef Yoya shows Chris how to make sushi. Showing Chris how to cut and size the perfect piece of sushi and assemble it onto the rice, Chris condenses all those years of experience in a 20 minute lesson.

Round 2-?: Drinks

Round 3: Fried Stuff

It’s Chris’ turn to make a dish. He goes with the classic Korean fried chicken.

Taking some fried chicken wings and mixing it with his own Korean fried chicken sauce – a mixture of honey, garlic, gochujang (Korean fermented red pepper paste) and other ingredients, tosses it in a bowl and tops it off with Chris’ own K-POP kimchi mayo and adds a little furukake (Japanese rice seasoning) as a nod to his competition to top off this version of the quintessential Korean dish.

Yoya’s fried dish is a fried nori eel topped with a sweet sauce. The battle is tough but we’ll have to give this one to Korea.

After a few shots, the two chefs battle of with the Asian staple…noodles!

Here, Chris shows us how to make Korean drunken noodles. A combination of Korean spices, ramen, tofu, Korean rice cakes topped with cheese and a fried egg. A bowl that hits the spot whether you’re drunk or just hungry.

Unlike Chris’ dish which uses ramen, Yoya makes a traditional Japanese soba dish. As amazing as both dishes are, Yoya’s simple but delicious soba wins this round.

The final round pits Korean instant ramen against Japanese instant ramen. The two chefs share their own opinions about which one is better but everyone has their own personal experiences/tastes when it comes to instant ramen.

Who do you think won each round? Is Korean fried chicken better than Japanese fried dishes? Are Korean noodles better than Japanese? Could you keep track of how many shots they took?!

Watch them go dish for dish (and shot for shot) and find out which country has better drinking food int this mouth watering episode! 

Where should we go next? Let us know in the comments!

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