“Food Justice”: This Young Politician Is Zeroing In On The Hunger Plaguing America

Elizabeth Warren’s protégé, Michelle Wu, is running for mayor in Boston — and focusing her message on why the wealthiest country in the world can’t provide its citizens with food.

“We are what we eat, but we eat what we can access and afford,” says Michelle Wu, a 35-year-old Boston City Council member who announced in September that she’s running for mayor in the 2021 election. “And the COVID-19 pandemic has shown just how vulnerable we are to corporatized food chains that abuse workers and the environment.”

Wu’s five pillars are: “investing in Boston’s food chain workers, supporting Boston’s restaurant and food economy, expanding access to fresh food, leveraging public procurement to drive broader food system change, and strengthening food system coalitions to pursue a food justice agenda.” She identified the focus areas after several meetings with food chain workers, small business owners and other stakeholders across the city. Wu also held a virtual town hall on the topic Tuesday evening to discuss “how cities like Boston can tailor policy solutions drawing inspiration from residents and activists” who have already been working on solutions, stressing the existing advocacy work.

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