From Riots to Recognition: Celebrate Stonewall Day With Geena Rocero

Filipino American supermodel, TED speake, transgender advocate and August 2019 Playboy Playmate is this years national chair for Stonewall Day

 “I was honored to host Stonewall Day last year and I’m so excited to be the 2020 national chair. I mean, are you kidding? It’s crazy for me to wrap my head around. Growing up in the Philippines, I never believed I would have my legal rights as a woman recognized—I had internalized a very colonized mind-set. When I came to America and began coming into my political consciousness, I began to realize the power in my perspective as a person of color, as a trans person, as an immigrant and as someone who is from a poor, working-class background. I realized I could effect change both at the interpersonal level in the relationships I have with people and also at the political and systemic levels. Stonewall Day is such a great opportunity for me to continue doing that.”

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