How The Founder of Orcé Cosmetics Is Changing How Asian Women Are Represented in Beauty and Beyond

You won’t find the word Orcé in the dictionary, but the closest entry would be force. “I want to portray Asian women as a force to be reckoned with,” founder of the beauty brand, Yu-Chen Shih, tells Allure. “That’s where Orcé is derived for us.”

Before launching Orcé Cosmetics‘s line of foundations in February 2019, the way other beauty brands and Hollywood portrayed Asian women bothered Shih. They “perpetuated a lot of untrue and unfair stereotypes, such as Asian women are submissive, weak, ‘exotic,’ and sex objects,” she shares. 

With Orcé’s base makeup offerings and brand philosophy, Shih strives to change the representation of Asian women in beauty and beyond. She sat down with Allure to share more about her efforts. 

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