‘It’s Starting Again’: Why Filipino Nurses Dread the Second Wave

As devastating as Covid-19 was in those early months, a number of studies now reveal just how hard the virus hit Filipino health care workers. Of all the nurses who died from the virus nationwide, one study found, close to a third of them were Filipino.

According to an analysis by ProPublica, in the New York City area alone, at least 30 Filipino health care workers had died from the virus by June.

According to a survey published in September by National Nurses United, the largest nurses’ union in the United States, 67 Filipino nurses have died of Covid-19. That figure, which was pulled from public obituaries, is around a third of the total registered nurses who have died nationwide, though Filipinos make up only 4 percent of those nurses overall.

“It’s really heartbreaking,” said Zenei Cortez, president of National Nurses United and a nurse from the Philippines herself. Ms. Cortez fears that the true toll is worse. “The numbers we are producing are all underreported, I’m sure of that.”

Read more via The New York Times

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