Jokoy’s Latest Netflix Special Spotlights Filipino American’s and Hopes to Inspire the Next Generation

In “Jokoy: In His Elements” Jokoy’s latest Netflix special goes beyond his previous stand up specials. In His Elements is more of a talent spotlight/passion project. The Filipino American comedian goes to the Philippines with other Filipino American creatives to spotlight local culture – chefs, comedians, DJs and B-boys.

Along with breakdancer Ronnie, Grammy winning producer !llmind, singer/songwriter Inigo Pascual, Comedians Andrew Lopez, Andrew Orolfo and Joey Guila, Jokoy showcases the talents of these Filipino American creatives while spotlighting local talent and hoping to inspire the next generation, around the world, that they can do it too.

In one of the earlier segments of the special, Jokoy hangs out with some local b-boys at The Tenements, where family of DJ Cherishtheluv lives, while b-boy Ronnie teaches a masterclass to a group of b-boys. The segment shows that there are hundreds and thousands of talented Filipinos out there. One of the b-boys speaks about how he has seen Ronnie on YouTube and was inspired to teach kids to b-boy keep kids from doing drugs.

As a moment of reflection, the Jokoy, Ronnie and DJ Cherishtheluv talk about how some of the b-boys are from where their family is from. Seeing that is humbling and goes to show that no matter your situation, you can do anything.

During a studio session with !llmind, who has worked with artist such as Drake and 50 Cent, Jokoy and !llmind talk about how they didn’t have Filipino American role models to look up to to inspire them to pursue music or comedy and they hope that kids seeing them succeed will inspire the next generation that “they can do it to – I don’t have to be a nurse”

“I hope we entertained you,” Koy says at the end. “And I hope we inspired you to go celebrate your own culture, whatever that may be, you guys. Just do it. Embrace it.”

Jokoy: In His Elements is now streaming on Netlifx.

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