Mike Moh Talks ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ And The Responsibility Of Portraying Icon Bruce Lee

For Moh, representation is important for this generation because his parents’ generation did not experience it.

“That’s why representation is so important, because our parents didn’t see people that were like us or that looked like us having that success,” Moh said. “So what would give them any idea that we could do it as well, if they didn’t see it? So now that all sorts of people are busting through, hopefully their parents can say, ‘Oh, Mike’s doing it, you can do it as well.’”

Reflecting on his own experiences with discrimination, the Korean American actor said has anger has lessened after having children.

“Now I look back and I’m like, wow, that was kind of messed up. People [would be] like, ‘Do you know Dr. Kim?’” said. “I used to have this anger that people are making this comment towards me because I’m Asian American. I used to get angry but now I look back and with my perspective as a father…. I feel more pity towards that than I do anger.”

With regards to stereotypes, Moh his role as Bruce Lee stemmed from a love of martial arts not stereotyping.

Listen to the podcast below

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