‘Parasite’ Won, but Asian-Americans Are Still Losing

In this NY Times Op-ed. Asian American writer Walter Chaw says the victory for Bong Joon Ho’s film at the Oscars has nothing to do with representation for Asian Americans.

The lingering aftershocks of the honors for “Parasite” will satisfy some of the hopes and stoke some of the fears of both sides of the social divide. The left’s belief that Mr. Bong’s film is a remarkable of-the-moment statement about how fed up the 99 percent are with the greedy 1 percent is valid. In a way few films ever have, “Parasite” captures the spirit of its time by nailing the dissatisfaction with the ruling elite that is driving the Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren campaigns and, paradoxically, carried Donald Trump to office in 2016.

Read more at below via NY Times.

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