Politicians often overlook Asian American voters. They shouldn’t, especially in 2020.

Every analyst, strategist, reporter and armchair pundit has a preferred group Democrats should woo to win the White House in 2020: blue-collar white Democrats who voted for Trump, the women who fueled the suburban revolt of 2018, the black voters whose high turnout rates helped President Barack Obama win the presidency twice, or the long-awaited Latino surge.

These strategies might be reasonable, but they typically fail to mention a significant and growing population: Asian American voters. Asian Americans are the fourth-largest racial group in the United States, and the Asian American population has been growing faster than any other ethnic group. They’re strongly Democratic, too: 65 percent of Asian Americans are Democrats or lean toward the Democratic Party, while only 27 percent identify as a Republican or lean toward the GOP. Yet they’re often relegated to, at best, a footnote in conversations about national politics. Thanks to changes to the 2020 Democratic primary calendar that give Asian American voters more influence, this could change. Smart politicians would be wise to figure out how to win them over.

Read more at Washington Post https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/07/10/politicians-often-overlook-asian-american-voters-they-shouldnt-especially/?utm_term=.5522f9479ab2

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