Struggling Filipino Restaurants Will Feed Bay Area Health Care Workers and Others in Need

It’s a tough time for restaurants across the country. Many are doing their part by being available for take out to providing food to frontline workers. Bay Area Filipino restaurants have come together aiming to rase $100,000 to pay struggling Filipino restaurants to provide 10,000 free meals to feed healthcare workers on the frontlines of the pandemic and those vulnerable in the community.

Although Filipinos Feed the Frontlines was created for Filipinos to help other Filipinos, the meals are available anyone who needs a meal, not just Filipino folks.

The other main beneficiary will be health care workers at local hospitals, which speaks to another way the COVID-19 crisis has had a devastating, deeply personal impact on the Filipino community: About 20 percent of the registered nurses in California are Filipino. At a hospital like Daly City’s Seton Medical Center (one of seven hospitals that will receive meals through the program), which recently set apart more than half of its beds to treat COVID-19 patients, a whopping 60 percent of the nurses are Filipino. And so, Danganan explains, any restaurateur who’s part of the Filipino community is almost certain to have loved ones who are risking their health at the front lines of the fight against COVID-19 — Nick’s on Mission’s Montenegro, for instance, says she has multiple friends and family members who are nurses.

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