The Operator – Wilson Wong LAPD SWAT 1

Episode 1 of 4

The Operator - Wilson Wong LAPD SWAT Episode 1
Wilson Wong, on-site with his SWAT team force.

In this AANOW Originals 4-episode special we feature the operator, Wilson Wong. He is one of the first Asian-Americans to be in LAPD SWAT and a part of LAPD’s elite Metropolitan Division. AANOW had the unique opportunity to tell Wilson’s story. We go behind the scenes with him and some of his colleagues as he shares his 22-year history with the LAPD.

As the LAPD SWAT operator, Wilson Wong has seen everything in a city of 13 million. He is the first Chinese-American on the most highly trained SWAT team in the USA. Officer Wong’s pioneering legacy ends with his final year before retirement with the Los Angeles police department.

SWAT TEAM LEADER Responsibilities:
Senior SWAT Officer who has been selected to command the entry team on all high-risk situations. Generally formulates all tactical plans that are initiated in response to Barricaded subjects, Hostage Rescue & High-Risk Warrants. Team Leaders provide instruction for all SWAT Officers regarding the different SWAT disciplines. Disciplines that include Entry Tactics, Snipers, Breaching techniques (includes explosives), Climbing/Rappelling & all SWAT Weapons.

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