The story behind Sandra Oh’s BLM Emmy’s Jacket

Although there was no red carpet at Emmy’s this year, that didn’t stop Sandra Oh from making a fashion statement. The actress who has used her platform to express social issues in Hollywood and address her Korean identity wore a custom bomber jacket and a mask by LA based brand KORE Limited embroidered with symbols that celebrated Black culture and Oh’s Korean heritage.

“It’s in a royal purple colour – which is a super Korean colour and brings a certain mindset for me – and it says ‘Black Lives Are Precious’ in Korean writing, because the literal translation of Black Lives Matter is impossible in Korean. The characters have to be read top to bottom, right to left, [a traditional way of writing Korean script] and there are dashes, or taegukgi, lifted from the Korean flag, which represent celestial bodies and the natural elements and all of that good stuff. And then on the right there’s a mugunghwa [hibiscus], the national flower of Korea.”

“These are unusual times,” Oh said. “After George Floyd’s death and the protests that followed, I felt that as an Asian American, a Korean American person, I wanted to express my support for the Black community in a way that felt personal to my community.”

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