What Beauty Means to the Filipinx-American Community

Founded by photographer Marielle Sales and designer Gabriella Mozo in 2018, New York-based platform Sari-Sari Studio has been supporting and amplifying the Filipinx diaspora through explorative content, a Filipinx and BIPOC marketplace and a cultivating community.

During Filipino American History Month last October, the platform put up an open casting call for its “Filipinx is Beautiful” portrait series on Instagram and received an overwhelming response. A number of New York-based individuals from the Filipinx diaspora were cast and asked questions about their personal experience growing up in a culture where lighter skin, a thin figure and looking less Filipino are considered more “beautiful.”

For its latest editorial, Sari-Sari Studio highlighted the stories of Lauren LynchCal GloriosoAnjelica JardielFlorida Elago and Aleli May Vuelta, capturing their authentic features and their perspective of what beauty means to the Filipino-American community.

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